Not A Blog

I am not a mommy blogger.  This is not a blog. 

True, a couple people may have suggested that I start a blog, but I honestly have no idea what I would even write about & on the off chance I did manage to come up with something, I can’t imagine it being fascinating enough for someone to actually want to read it. 

However, over the years I have learned that it is never a good idea to say, “I won’t”. 

Years ago, I went to a wedding in Detroit & as we were driving on the freeway (which to me felt more like the Indy 500), I vividly remember saying out loud, “I will never live in Michigan.” 

Big mistake.  HUGE

My first job after college was in Jackson, Michigan, less than an hour from Detroit & I lived there for almost 15 years.  There are more examples like this one, though thankfully only a few since it didn’t take me all that long to figure out that when I open my big mouth & say things like “I will never __________”, I’m almost positive that when God hears me, He chuckles to himself & says, “Oh really?  We’ll just see about that.” 

Now I’ll admit, it’s a pretty effective way to remind me that His ways are higher than mine & honestly, I wouldn’t ever want to miss out something amazing just because I was arrogant enough to think my plan was the best one.  Sometimes I think all God really wants is to know that we’re willing to do whatever He asks of us, so these days I try to be a little more careful & say things like “I would really prefer not to but I’m good with whatever.” 

So just to clarify…. this is not a blog.  This is merely a little note from me to God pointing out that rather than deleting the blog portion of the template I used to build my website, I am instead choosing to leave it here as very public evidence of my willingness to do whatever He thinks is best (while simultaneously and a lot less publicly praying that a blog is not going to be part of that plan). 

So, I hope you’re reading this, God.  This is me, making it clear that I’m willing to do whatever & hoping this is one of those times when willingness is all you're really after.  Fingers crossed!